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Kraken: File version handler

Kraken is a release update tool which bumps up the file versions of your modified git files.


Install via composer.

composer global require jaggy/kraken


Once you have it up and running

$ kraken release patch
Bumping src/Jaggy/Kraken/Kraken.php: 1.1.9 -> 1.1.10

$ kraken release minor
Bumping src/Jaggy/Kraken/Kraken.php: 1.1.10 -> 1.2.0

$ kraken release major
Bumping src/Jaggy/Kraken/Kraken.php: 1.2.0 -> 2.0.0

If you like it or you want to improve it (where it needs a lot of) fork it on Github or hit me up on https://twitter.com/jaggygauran.

Thanks! :)