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Must-have Terminal Tools

Not including defaults such as Homebrew and Git, here are the tools I have come to know and love.



Download here

I suggest you get the beta release because it's preferences has better options.

Multiple Panes!!!

There's only one reason I prefer iTerm2 over the default OSX Terminal... Multiple Panes!!!!

Oh My ZSH!

Get it here!

Oh-my-zsh is an open source, community-driven framework for managing your ZSH configuration. It comes bundled with a ton of helpful functions, helpers, plugins, themes, and few things that make you shout…

In my opinion, it's a much better alternative to bash.

Autocomplete for Everything!


Besides having a default autocomplete for almost every popular CLI tool available, you can set your own rules for autocompletion.

Custom Propmt

Oh my ZSH has so many themes for your workflow needs. Personally, I prefer seeing the current directory, current branch and notify me if there's a modification in my repository.


The bolt (is it a bolt?) notifies there's a change.

Rather than explaining it, go see it for yourself!

So much more...

Yeah, so many more buuuut, it'll take up all the blog space.

Z: The Directory Jumper

It depresses me that I just found out about this, this year!

Z is a directory jumper. It records all the directories you've been on and analyzes which one you use more frequently.

Say you have 2 assets folder: ~/projects/first/assets and ~/projects/second/assets. You've been doing some heavy work in second.

Rather than using cd ~/projects/second/assets to get to that directory, you can just use z assets.

I really can't explain the magic more, just get it here! https://github.com/rupa/z

NOTE: z isn't a replacement for cd.

PHP Shell

phpsh is a PHP interactive shell which is built with Python. It's a big help in testing quick, stupid, crazy and insane theories.


Imagesnap is a CLI tool for snapping images with your webcam. I use this with gitshots, where your webcam snaps a photo of you whenever you commit.


$ brew install imagesnap

Gitshot Script

#!/usr/bin/env php


$gitshots      = getenv('HOME') . '/' . '.gitshots';
$imagesnap     = exec('which imagesnap');
$project_name  = 'wake';
$now           = strtotime(date('Y-m-d H:i:s'));

$root          = $gitshots . '/' . $project_name;
$destination   = $root . '/' . $now . '.jpg';

if(!file_exists($root)) mkdir($root);

echo "Running gitshots! SMILE!\n";
echo "Saving the file into {$destination}.\n";

$command = "$imagesnap -q -w 3 {$destination} &> /dev/null &";


Sleepwatcher helps you execute scripts whenever your computer wakes up or is about to sleep.

I pair this up with Imagesnap to take a photo of whenever someone wakes my laptop up.