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Permanently Disable Drivers on Ubuntu

When I was in college, I owned a Acer Aspire 1825ptz. It's a phased out laptop with a touchscreen and I really thought it was awesome!

Anyway, it ended up breaking and the cursor goes haywire whenever I bootup the OS. Now, before, I usually run xinput set-prop $DEVICE_ID "Device Enabled" 0 everytime at bootup but the problem was, the cursor still goes haywire. DUH.

So, without further ado, just append, or create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf to disable your device.

Section "InputClass"
   Identifier         "disable touchscreen"
   MatchIsTouchscreen "on"
   MatchProduct       "`xinput list` device name"
   Option             "Ignore" "on"