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Sketch: Makeshift borders

I've started using sketch for quite some time now and I'm definitely loving it for designing web sites.

One of my minor issues at the time of writing is about the borders.

And that's kind of a bummer.

When making pages that kinda only need a single side border, we kinda make do with what we have.

@buckwilson has said that you can stack inner shadows to make the same effect.

Buuuuut.. there's a bit of a hiccup...

There's a bit of remnance on the sides of the main border

Although, it's not really an issue since you can just over extend the container for it to go away.

This works for simple solutions but there are cases like, tables or components that you can't over extend the elements which we fall back on, sadly, using rectangles as borders.

Anyways, if you guys know any other ways or easier ways to make this, just hit me up on twitter. Thanks.