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CakePHP Factory Plug-in

Now I've grown to know and love unit testing while I was still doing some Rails and I loved the concept of factories over fixtures. Jumping into CakePHP, the testing felt a bit alien to me so I made a Factory plug-in to suit my Model testing needs. Check it out…

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Ever since I've tried Ruby on Rails and Laravel, I fell in love with the concept of REST and named routes. Now, CakePHP2 currently does not support named routes and RESTful controllers are a tad bit tedious to setup. Now, I made a CakePHP Rest Plug-in to give the ease of…

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CakePHP Polymorphic Associations

So I recently just found out about polymorphic relationships and let me tell you, it's amazing. It saves a lot of fields and just feels right. Anyways, implementing it in CakePHP 2 is quite easy. Let's say we have an Image which belongs to Employee and Client, here's how the structure would…

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My CakePHP Testing Workflow

I've been a fan of Test Driven Development when it comes to Ruby on Rails. Coming back to CakePHP, I've really had a hard time adjusting my work flow in terms of factories and testing and everything else. So, after researching a limited amount of resources for practices, conventions for implementing…

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