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Kraken: File version handler

Kraken is a release update tool which bumps up the file versions of your modified git files. Installation Install via composer. composer global require jaggy/kraken Usage Once you have it up and running $ kraken release patch Bumping src/Jaggy/Kraken/Kraken.php: 1.1.9 -> 1.1.10 $ kraken release minor Bumping src/Jaggy/Kraken/Kraken.php: 1.1.10 -> 1.2.0 $ kraken release major Bumping src/Jaggy/Kraken/Kraken.php: 1.2.0 -> 2.0.0 If you…

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Running Multiple Instances of Skype on OSX

Some of us here have multiple accounts for Skype. We use one for our work/business and one for our personal lives.

In cases like these, I really prefer this that jamming everything up in a single Skype account, whenever I need solace from all the stress and tension work can bring.

Here's the simplest (and cleanest) way I found to run multiple Skype instances in OSX.

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Output console.log to the Terminal

I've been studying Cordova and Phonegap for the past couple of days and I've been having issues with debugging from the command line. While lurking around, I've found a solution using jsConsole to pass the command from the mobile device to the web application. It was kinda useful but it takes…

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Automate Your Tests with Observr

If you're like me, you should hate switching from editor-to-terminal then running tests and back to the editor again. I've tried making my own guard and even used Node's chokidar module to watch the directory and run the test every time a certain file extension is saved. I was content with chokidar…

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Converting Videos to GIFs

Dependencies ffmpeg imagemagick | gifsicle Dissect the video ffmpeg -i convert.webm -r 10 -f image2 -y /tmp/gifs/%03d.png First step is to disect the video into frames. -i convert.webm - input file to convert -r 10 - frame rate -f image2 - format -y - force overwrite the files /tmp/gifs/%03d.png - This will generate a series of images in the destination…

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Must-have Terminal Tools

Not including defaults such as Homebrew and Git, here are the tools I have come to know and love. iTerm2 Download here I suggest you get the beta release because it's preferences has better options. Multiple Panes!!! There's only one reason I prefer iTerm2 over the default OSX Terminal... Multiple Panes!!!! Oh My ZSH! Get it here! Oh-my-zsh…

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