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CakePHP Factory Plug-in

Now I've grown to know and love unit testing while I was still doing some Rails and I loved the concept of factories over fixtures. Jumping into CakePHP, the testing felt a bit alien to me so I made a Factory plug-in to suit my Model testing needs. Check it out…

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Ever since I've tried Ruby on Rails and Laravel, I fell in love with the concept of REST and named routes. Now, CakePHP2 currently does not support named routes and RESTful controllers are a tad bit tedious to setup. Now, I made a CakePHP Rest Plug-in to give the ease of…

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Using Blade in Wordpress

I've been working with wordpress for a while and got uncomfortable with the clutter in code. With all the get_header() and get_footer() and, cutting off the start of your container within the header and closing it in the footer, the obsessive-compulsive side of me really couldn't take it. To make it…

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