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Converting Videos to GIFs

Dependencies ffmpeg imagemagick | gifsicle Dissect the video ffmpeg -i convert.webm -r 10 -f image2 -y /tmp/gifs/%03d.png First step is to disect the video into frames. -i convert.webm - input file to convert -r 10 - frame rate -f image2 - format -y - force overwrite the files /tmp/gifs/%03d.png - This will generate a series of images in the destination…

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Must-have Terminal Tools

Not including defaults such as Homebrew and Git, here are the tools I have come to know and love. iTerm2 Download here I suggest you get the beta release because it's preferences has better options. Multiple Panes!!! There's only one reason I prefer iTerm2 over the default OSX Terminal... Multiple Panes!!!! Oh My ZSH! Get it here! Oh-my-zsh…

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