Freelance developer, and designer

My Sass/Stylus Workflow

For such a long time, I've been working with Sass and Stylus and pretty much, I suck at it. Even till now I believe so. Anyways, to get things started, I'll show you the directory structure of my assets, take not that I'll be using stylus for the entirety of the…

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Must-have Terminal Tools

Not including defaults such as Homebrew and Git, here are the tools I have come to know and love. iTerm2 Download here I suggest you get the beta release because it's preferences has better options. Multiple Panes!!! There's only one reason I prefer iTerm2 over the default OSX Terminal... Multiple Panes!!!! Oh My ZSH! Get it here! Oh-my-zsh…

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My CakePHP Testing Workflow

I've been a fan of Test Driven Development when it comes to Ruby on Rails. Coming back to CakePHP, I've really had a hard time adjusting my work flow in terms of factories and testing and everything else. So, after researching a limited amount of resources for practices, conventions for implementing…

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