Working as Adults

Published February 10, 2020

Last Friday, Sean started briefed me on a feature that we want to build in to a new product we're working on. Before even any development, or prototyping happened, I had a list of questions that are focused on the flow of the feature, who the users of the feature will be, and things realted to that aspect.

After a call and some more discussion via chat, there's this sense of clarity on what to build and how to build it moving forward.

This discussion was pretty notable for my end 'cause I know just a little bit about Elixir and Phoenix, the stack we're using to build products on Design Kollective. There wasn't any discussion of technical implementation, or discussion if I'm not technically skilled to implement this feature.

It's pretty nice when you're working with adults.

Of course I had years of experience doing development in a couple of other language and a lot of the design patterns have overlap with how the paradigm on Elixir works, which minimizes that concern.

The reason I really wanted to write this is, I still see a lot of companies that mistake a lack technical skill with poor planning and management.

At a certain point, writing code is really just a side effect of implementing. It's just a chore that we really have to get over with. Heck, as long as we have some sort of standard in the internal team into testing (manual or automated), we can build an application with thousands of if-elses.

🌊 Huzah! You made it down here!