Trying out Code Rabbit

March 10, 2024

I'm still extremely mixed when it comes to AI that's coming out in the consumer market. Some are interesting. Some are fun. Some I cannot relate with. Some I feel strongly against.

Despite my pessimism, I explore what's out there.

This time it's Code Rabbit. It's a pull request AI which summarizes an open PR, and adds comments on code that it thinks needs to be reviewed by the author of the PR.

It's been day 2 of me using it. I gotta say, I like it so far. I think this could be useful for a lot of people. It actually comments on relevant pieces of code, it provides its rationale on why they're commenting on it, and opens suggestions to the PR.

I haven't merged any of its suggestions, but it does make me give a second look if what I did was intentional or accidental.

There are times where it doesn't really remember the context for the file though. I wrote this test case and it wrote three of the same review on different test cases that I should write a happy path test (which there is).

Over all, I think it's pretty useful. It's $15/mo so it's personally a bit too high for me since I'm mostly working on some small side projects.

Hope more of these types of tools show up though!