Switching Layouts in Nuxt

Published January 7, 2020

In Nuxt you can switch layouts in your pages by adding a layout: 'layout-name' property in your page attributes. With projects that have consistent design, only using layouts for well, layouts, this is fine but there can be caveats to this.

Let's say when you log in, the user is redirected to a dashboard with a completely different design, Nuxt keeps the CSS of the default.vue layout and the CSS of the components used in the layout.

Here are two things I've seen people use to work around the issue.

TIL Javascript and Picture-in-Picture

Published January 6, 2020

In a lot of sites, you can right click (sometimes twice) to see the "Enter in Picture in Picture" option. There are some sites like Netflix or Twtich does some DOM magic to prevent that.

Here's two javascript snippets I paste on the dev console so I can watch while working.

The safari one's the thing I just learned today!

Designing Type CMS

Published December 2, 2019

Now that we've started to yet again write another CMS, how do we go about it? In my case, whenever I write any product or package, I tend to start designing the ideal design and start adding in compromises depending on external factors (mostly my own technical knowhow).

So, let's just jump into it and let's build this!

Building a CMS... and failing

Published November 23, 2019

My first job in web development was building sites with Wordpress for a small studio here in the Philippines. Now, prior to this job, I already got way into open source, tooling, and bikeshedding. So for some reason, I got obsessed with building tools.

After using Wordpress, I was pretty unhappy with it. The purist little developer me hated everything about it. Using source control with it, syncing data from local to production, its plugin system, and a lot more. Now, one could argue that I just didn’t know how to build Wordpress themes properly, and they’d be right! But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to tell you is the story of building a CMS, and failing.

Why I use full names when designing forms

Published November 11, 2019

Whenever I sign up on services online, it always stands out when there are separate fields for the first and last name. With the projects I work on, I always use a single field for the name. When clients ask to split the name into multiple fields, it ends up in a pretty long discussion why I think it's unnecessary.

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